Conga Pricing Product Integration

Conga Pricing Product Integration

Many customers who come to Modacto need assistance with saving time and resources. A common way to do this that we have had success with is to implement Conga for our customers. One customer in particular was spending hours of work updating an Excel file and publishing this data into a price book once a quarter. After showing them the “Conga light”, they were able to save immense amounts of time and had a better product to show and the end of it.

How Modacto did it:

Powering Conga starts with manipulating data to get it into a pretty, nice format at the end. This is done by running queries to make it happen. With this customer in particular, a price book report was run which merged different products and updated active products in the price book for US and Canada. The queries were ran by line items which included product number, description, price and MSRP. The report was also broken into different product types and buckets via query. Pre-Conga configuration, all of this updating in the product price book was done manually. After the implementation, Modacto’s customer was able to save lots of time and eliminate all manual entry in Excel. Price books can be created in a moment’s notice and be exported into a Word document or PDF for easy distribution. This also allowed for cross-functionality and visibility across the company as any employee is able to pull up, manage, and access these reports.

Another benefit of using Conga in this project is that these price books do not need to be limited to once a quarter distribution and can come in multiple versions (one for US and one for Canada). Because of how much work it took to create and update, the price books were originally limited to updates once a quarter and only one version to be dispersed to all territories. The information is now streamlined and specific to each different group it is shared with. This personalizes the pricebooks and allows for only pertinent information to be shared with a specific group. Quickening the publication side of the price book and having multiple versions alone was extremely beneficial.

All in all, Conga proved to extremely useful for this project done by Modacto and many others. Giving customers the ability to pull up information at a moment’s notice in an updated, real time manner is extremely beneficial and saves manual time and entry which is usually a customer’s dream come true.


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